Paint and finishes

Painting is the easiest and most readily affordable way to transform a space. And at Kensalrise Hardware you'll find a wide selection of DULUX, Rustin’s, Leyland and other paints and accessories. We understand the difficulty of choosing the right paint, so we're here not only to provide you with expert advice on what type of paint to use, but also to help you narrow down your choice of colors. We make choosing paint easy!


We stock wide range such as:

  •  Wall and ceiling paints for your livingroom, kitchen or bathroom

  • Exterior paint, Masonry paint, Acrylic fillets, Cement filler 

  • Satin wood, Eggshell, Gloss for all wood work interior and exterior

  • Metal paint, Brick work paint, Primers, Wood strainers, Varnishes, Wood treatments ( dry rot, wet rot, hardeners)

  • Stain blockers, PVA, Stabilising solution, Antimold solutions 

  • White spirit, dust sheets and all rollers and brushes you'll need for perfect finish


Useful Info:

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